Whats The Roots Of X2-6x-16=0 But Found By Factoring? (2023)

Mathematics Middle School


Answer 1

-2 and 8 are the roots of that problem found by factoring.

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The function f(x) = −(x + 5)(x + 1) is shown. What is the range of the function? all real numbers less than or equal to 4 all real numbers less than or equal to −3 all real numbers greater than or equal to 4 all real numbers greater than or equal to −3



all real numbers less than or equal to 4.


The given function is



The x-value of the vertex is given by


The y-value of the vertex is

Since a=-1, the function opens downwards.

The highest value is the y-value of the vertex which is 4.

Therefore the range is all real numbers less than or equal to 4.

The correct choice is A.

all real numbers such that y is less than or equal to 4

How many 2/3 's make up 4 1/5




Step-by-step explanation:

Number of bits = Total amount/Size of each bit

= (4⅕)/(⅔)

Convert the mixed number to an improper fraction

No. = (²¹/₅)/(⅔)

Invert the denominator and change division to multiplication

No. = ²¹/₅ × ³/₂

Multiply numerators and denominators.

No. = ⁶³/₁₀

Convert the improper fraction to a mixed number.

No. = 6³/₁₀

It takes 6³/₁₀ ⅔s to make up 4⅕.

Layla wants to build a wooden box with a volume of 454545 cubic centimeters. She started with a width of 3\text{ cm}3 cm3, space, c, m and a height of 3\text{ cm}3 cm3, space, c, m. How long should Layla make the box?



50,505 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

In order to calculate this you just have to calculate the length necessary to create a wooden box with the volume of 454545 cubic centimeters, and now you just have to calculate since you have the base of the area, measuring 3 cm by 3 cm, that would be 9 square centimeters, so you just have to divide the desired volume by 9 square centimeters:

454545/9=50,505 cm

So the length of the wooden box should be 50,505 cm in order to have a 454545 cubic centimeters wooden box.

A house painter mixed 5galof blue paint with every 9 gal of yellow paint in order to make a green paint . which ration of gallons of blue paint of yellow paint will make same shade of green paint?​


4 is the answer I think because 5 -9

3) This is a writer's opinion or way of seeing an issue.




Step-by-step explanation:

Viewpoint refers to a particular and individual way to see the world. It's the personal perspective in a specific context, it's people's point of view. For example, in a situation like an accident between a motorcycle and a bus, some people would say that the fault is no the bus drives, other would say that it's on the motorcycle driver, but at the end, those just are different viewpoint.

In this case, a writer's opinion or way of seeing an issue, it's referring to a point of view, or viewpoint, because involves an individual opinion about something.


the word is viewpoint

Step-by-step explanation:

Emilie draws a circle with a diameter of 10 inches.Ethan draws a circle with a diameter that is half as long as the diameter of Emilie's circle.How will the circumference of Ethan's circle compare with the circumference of Emilie's circle?Explain.​



The circumference of Ethan's circle is half the circumference of Emilie's circle

Step-by-step explanation:

we know that

Emilie's circle

The circumference is equal to

Ethan's circle

The circumference is equal to


The circumference of Ethan's circle is half the circumference of Emilie's circle

Answer: The circumference of Ethan's circle is half the circumference of Emilie's circle

Step-by-step explanation:

The thickness of a sheet of paper is approximately 1.03 x 101 millimeters. A ream of paper is 500 sheets. What is the thickness of a ream of paper in standard notation?


Answer: One ream is about 500 sheets of paper and 5.2 cm thick. Given this information, find in cubic centimeters the volume of one sheet of letter - size paper. A sheet of letter size paper's dimensions are about 21.5 cm by 27.9 cm.

Step-by-step explanation: The thickness of a sheet is 5.2/500 cm = 0.0104 cm

Vol = 0.0104*21.5*27.9

V = 6.23844 cc

which quadrilateral can have two pairs of parallel sides all sides with equal length and no right angles​


I believe this is a Rhombus because it has two parallel sides and has no right angles

suppose f(x)=x^2 and g(x)=(1/5x)^2. Which statement best compares the graph of g(x) with the graph of f(x)?



g(x) is the image of f(x) after stretched horizontally

by scale factor = 5

Step-by-step explanation:

∵ f(x) = x² ⇒ quadratic function

∵ g(x) = (1/5 x)² ⇒ The image of f(x) after one transformation

* Stretches or compresses horizontally:

It means stretches away from the y-axis

or compresses toward the y-axis

* If f(x) = (ax)² :

∵ |a| > 1 is a compression by factor of 1/a

∵ 0

Is the sequence -1,6,-36,216 geometric and what is the common ratio



yes, -6

Step-by-step explanation:

6/-1 = -36/6 = 216/-36 = -6

Adjacent terms have a common ratio of -6, so they comprise a geometric sequence.

What is the image point of (-8,0) after a reflection over the y-axis ?



0, 8

Step-by-step explanation:

A reflection is the opposite direction so, if it's eight units to the left, the reflection will be eight units to the right, and we know the right is positive and left is negative.

Which statements are true? Select all that apply. Centigrams are larger than decigrams.
Hectometers are smaller than kilometers.
Dekaliters are larger than kiloliters.
Grams are smaller than dekagrams.



Hectometers are smaller than kilometers


Grams are smaller than dekagrams.

Hope it help you! :3

What does the line ] 5x+2y=8 5 x + 2 y = 8 look like?


it looks like somebody else is already answering this for you, but if you are in need of an answer for a question like this fast just go to desmos.com and input your function it will show you what the graph will look like

What is the nth term in the sequence -4/3,-1,-4/5,-2/3,-4/7 with work please


-4/3 is the nth term

Ok I don't have time to do this i got to study for a history test so can some one simplify these real fast pls 5(2z-1)

And can u do these
6(n+4)=42. -6(x+8)=0. 3(-4+2r)=-24. 8(-7y-6)=-160
(2a+1.75)2=7.5 (2.3-6n) 1/5=3.14

Thx pals


1. 10z - 5

2. -16k + 32

3. -20a + 75

4. 6n + 7.2

5. 5n - 41

6. n = 3

7. x = -8

8. r = -2

9. y = 2

10. a = 1

11. n = -2.23333333 ( this is the only problem im unsure of answer )

What is helpful Problem-solving


Helpful problem solving is handling all problems the same , weather big , small or complex you should always problem solve in a fair way that’s convenient to everyone’s needs

Kaleb brougt 4.35 pounds of bananas , 3.89 pounds of oranges ,and 2.13 pounds of avocados .what is the total weight fruit kaleb brought?


Answer: 10.37 pounds

Step-by-step explanation: In order to calculate the total amount of fruit that was purchased you need to add the three amounts together. 4.35 + 3.89 + 2.13 = 10.37 pounds.

The total weight of the fruit kaleb bought is 10.37 pounds.

I added the total amount of each together to get my answer.

I hope this helps.

Find tan A for the triangle below.
a. 2.5 b. 0.4 c. 2.67 d. 0.375


It's A. 2.5

It's not B that person is wrong.



Step-by-step explanation:


2z-18-4z=-8 what is the value of z


Answer- z is equal to -5

Each week your science teacher gives a fifteen-point quiz. Your current scores are shown in the table. What is your mean quiz score? 15 11 10 11 14 10 15 10 12



mean is adding all the terms and dividing by number of terms so once you add them all you be 108 and then divide by 9 giving you the mean, 12


The mean should be 12.

Step-by-step explanation:

To find the mean of a range of numbers, you must simply add all of the numbers together and divide by how many numbers there are in the group.

In this case, I did 15+11+10+11+14+10+15+10+12, which came to be 108. I divided that by 9, since there are nine numbers, which gave me 12.

Hopefully this helps!

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