Which Monomials Are Divisible By -12? A. 12a^5 B. -18b^3 C. None Of The Above (2023)

Mathematics Middle School


Answer 1

A. 12a^5 is the answer

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There are 1 1/2 pizzas left.One-third of pizza left is plain cheese.How much cheese pizza is left?



About four of the pizzas are plain cheese, 3.83 pizzas to be exact.

Step-by-step explanation:

1/3 of 11.5 is 3.83

brad wants to open a new saving account. he finds one that returns 3% on his investment each year.Use the varibles to write a formula for the final balance after one year


3% is the interest so you would do 3% of the investment plus the original investment so 3%×I=z and then z+I=the answer. sorry if this didnt help I'm new and I tried my best sorry!

The axis of the shape below is 16 until in length.what is the surface area of the sphere


803.84 is the answer. The formula is 4×3.14×r(sqaured) and I'm assuming by axis you were talking about the diameter so 16÷2=8 so 8 is the radius. 8×8=64. 64×4=256. 256×3.14=803.84

A fruit punch contains 20% fruit juice is combined with 100% fruit juice how many ounces of each should be used to make 40oz of a mixture that is 60% fruit juice


The answer is 220 for this problem

Brendan needs to answer 0.70 of the test questions correctly to pass the test. What percent is this??


That would be 70 percent.

john is planning to purchase a new car that cost 15500. on average a new car loses 11% of its value to the moment that is driving out of the lot. once john drives his new car off the lot, what will its value be


Answer: $13795

Step-by-step explanation: .89 x 15500

Locate a point C on the x-axis such that AC+BC is minimized. C=(_,0). The endpoints of AB are: 1) A(1,4) and B(4,-1)
2) A(-3,2) and B(-6,-4)
3) A(-2,3) and B(-4,0)
4) A(1,-3) and B(-1,1)

I really need help, I have no clue what I am doing. Thanks!:-)


Answer:Your answer is C

Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:


Quadrant is the region enclosed by the intersection of the X-axis and the Y-axis.

Trigonometric functions sine , tangent , cotangent , and cosecant are negative in fourth quadrant.

In first quadrant, all trigonometric function will be positive.

In second quadrant, only sine and cosecant trigonometric function is positive.

In third quadrant, only tangent and cotangent will be positive.

In fourth quadrant, only cosine and secant will be positive . Therefore, Trigonometric functions sine , tangent , cotangent , and cosecant are negative in fourth quadrant.

Learn more:


Answers are: sine, tangent, cosecant, cotangent


On the unit circle we have some point (x,y) such that x = cos(theta) and y = sin(theta). The sine corresponds to the y coordinate of the point on the circle. Quadrant IV is below the x axis which explains why sine is negative here, since y < 0 here.

Since sine is negative, so is cosecant as this is the reciprocal of sine

csc = 1/sin

In quadrant IV, cosine is positive as x > 0 here. So the ratio tan = sin/cos is going to be negative. We have a negative over a positive when we divide.

Because tangent is negative, so is cotangent.

The only positive functions in Q4 are cosine and secant, which is because sec = 1/cos.

how much money must be deposited now in an account paying 7% annual interest compounded yearly to have a balance of $1000 after 6 years ​


Answer: P = $70.42

Step-by-step explanation:


P = A / (1 + rt)


First, converting R percent to r a decimal

r = R/100 = 7%/100 = 0.07 per year.

Solving our equation:

P = 100 / ( 1 + (0.07 × 6)) = 70.422535211268

P = $70.42

The principal investment required to get a total amount, principal plus interest, of $100.00 from simple interest at a rate of 7% per year for 6 years is $70.42.

Tonya bought a sweater that cost $29.99 plus $1.60 tax. She used a coupon for $10 off. She paid the cashier $25. How much change should Tonya receive?


29.99 + 1.60 = 31.59

31.59 - 10 = 21.59

25 - 21.59 = 3.41

Tonya’s change she will receive will be $3.41

I hope this helps.

123456789101112131415 Martin earned the following scores on his last five tests.
98, 78, 84, 75, 91
What is the mean of his scores?


The mean is 85.2


Add all the numbers together


Divide the sum by the amount of numbers you added together

426/5= 85.2


Since it’s an inequality you will NOT be looking for what X equals.

Starting with -4x or =) -9


The answer is negative nine

Step-by-step explanation:

When it comes to x = ?, divide the ANSWER by the mulitplicand. Example, -4x = 36 can be translated to 36 = -4 TIMES X, which here you have to use your head. Negatives cancel each other and the answer is positive, therefore -4 * -9 = 36.

Consider two parallel line segments. Part A: Find the slope of segment CD with endpoints C(−5, 4) and D(2, 1). Show your work. (2 points)

Part B: What is the value of y so that segment AB with endpoints A(−6, y) and B(1, −5) is parallel to segment CD question mark Show your work. (2 points)



Part A: -3/7

Part B: y = -2

Step-by-step explanation:

Parallel lines have the same slope. Find the slope of CD. Then substitute it to find the value needed for AB.

The slope formula is

Use the same formula and solve for y.

A triangle has side lengths 14,48, and 50 is it an acute angle an obtuse angle a right angle or no solution.



No solution, a triangles angles must measure up to 180 degrees, and that clearly isnt close to it. Therefore, the answer is no solution. An obtuse is an angle greater than 90 degrees, whereas an acute is less.

Step-by-step explanation:

Determine which ordered pair is not a solution of y=-5x-4 a. (10,-52) b.(7,-39)c.(-7,31) d(8,-44)




Step-by-step explanation:

An ordered pair is a solution if when substituted it makes the equation true. If when you substitute, it does not make the equation true then it is not a solution.

y = -5x - 4


-52 = -5(10) - 4

-52 = -54 FALSE

-39 = -5(7) - 4

-39 = -39 TRUE

31 = -5(-7) - 4

31 = 31 TRUE

-44 = -5(8) - 4

-44 = -44 TRUE

A local dairy farmer collects 490 gallons of milk from his cows. He keeps 1/35 of the milk for his own use, and sells the rest. Each quart of milk sells for 35 cents. In dollars, how much does he earn from selling his milk each day?



666.4 dollars per day

Step-by-step explanation:

Total milk farmer has is 490 gallons

He keeps 1/35 of 490 gallons

so he keeps = 1/35*490= 14 gallons

He sells remaining milk.

Remaining milk = 490-14 = 476 gallons

1 gallon = 4 quart (conversion formula)

so 476 gallon = 4 * 476 = 1904 quart

selling price of 1 quart = 35 cents = 0.35 dollars

so selling price of 1904 quart = 0.35*1904 = 666.4 dollars

So he makes 666.4 dollars per day.

Which equation or inequality shows the relationship between the values |7| and |-7|? A. |7| > |-7| B. |7| < |-7| C. |7| = |-7| D. |7| ≠ |-7|




| 7 | = | -7|

Step-by-step explanation:

because absolute values are always positive....so, absolute values of | -7 | and | 7 | are both 7


Step-by-step explanation:

7 I guess

What is the solution set to this inequality, where x is a real number: -4x



x ≥ 9

Step-by-step explanation:

Considering the equation is;

-4x (less than or equal to ) 36 , as provided by the questioner;

-4x ≤ 36

Dividing both sides by -4

-4x/-4≤ 36/-4

We get;

x ≥ -9 , the sign ≤ changes to ≥ since we have divided by a negative.

x ≥ 9

What is the definition of transformation




TRANSFORMATION is a process by which one figure, expression, or function is converted into another one of similar value.


TRANSFORMATION is the induced or spontaneous change of one element into another by a nuclear process.


TRANSFORMATION is the genetic alteration of a cell by introduction of extraneous DNA, especially by a plasma.

What is the definition of Transformants in geometry



Step-by-step explanation:

Geometric transformations involve taking a preimage and transforming it in some way to produce an image. There are two different categories of transformations:

The rigid transformation, which does not change the shape or size of the preimage.

The non-rigid transformation, which will change the size but not the shape of the preimage.

keep in mind that there's 4 types of transformants!!!

  1. Rotation
  2. Translation
  3. Dilation
  4. Reflection
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